Darpan Fab 43 Tupperware Crystal Wave Pitcher 1 Liter

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Tupperware microcook pitcher is a favorite of the products developed for the microwave oven. The success stems from thoughtful engineering which includes an ideal size for mixing and stirring, a unique cover for cooking and draining, and a unique design for serving. Cover that can be positioned in 3 ways: closed for cooking in the microwave oven in draining position even for small sized ingredients in 90 open position leaving an opening for a kitchen tool while serving or or to let more steam escape while cooking. With the microcook pitcher, making sauce, gravy, soup, cream or custard is simple and needs only basic ingredients: aromatics a minimum amount of fat a thickening agent liquid (water, broth, wine, juice, vinegar, milk or cream) withstands temperatures from -25c up to 200c max cooking time 30min.
    • Cover prevents splashing Vent releases steam when reheating Spout to pour easily
    • Sheer base with calibrations for measuring froom 100 ml to 1000ml

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